Gary Garth, Special to USA TODAY Published 8:00 a.m. ET March 22, 2020 CLOSE Social distancing matters. Here is how to do it and how it can help curb the COVID-19 pandemic. USA TODAYAs the COVID-19 coronavirus sweeps around the globe spreading uncertainty, fear, illness and death while roiling the lives of everyone in its path, health officials at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention are, among other precautions, encouraging Americans to avoid crowds and expand their personal space.Travel restrictions, event cancellations and closings are squeezing business schedules and shuffling or scuttling vacation plans and well as normal day-to-day activities. Prolonged, forced individual isolation is a challenge and likely a new experience for most Americans.Ease the tension by stepping outside: Take a hike. Watch the wildlife. Pitch a tent. Build a campfire. Go fishing. Hone your field skills. The COVID-19 situation is serious, shifting, uncertain and unnerving. Solitude under an open sky isn’t a cure but it can work wonders.For these purposes “outside” can be your backyard or an isolated backcountry campsite. But chose your destination with care. Outside also doesn’t necessarily mean uncrowded.Need some fresh air?See which outdoor activities are safe to do while social distancing Full-service campgrounds can

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