CLOSE Practicing social distancing during coronavirus doesn’t mean you have to give up TV watch parties with your friends thanks to Netflix Party. USA TODAYThe coronavirus pandemic doesn’t mean you can’t watch your favorite movies and TV shows with your loved ones. As much of the country practices social distancing and everyday life is radically changed by the COVID-19 outbreak, small things like a movie or TV night with friends and family are no longer on the table. But through technology, you can still virtually have a group hang. Among many tech solutions to stream over a distance is Netflix Party, a Google Chrome extension that lets you chat with friends while watching a film or series on Netflix. It’s easy to set up, as long as everyone has Netflix, Google’s Chrome internet browser and a computer to watch on. But is it really fun to type and watch at the same time? USA TODAY’s Kelly Lawler, Bill Keveney and Erin Jensen, tested the technology with the first episode of “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness,” Netflix’s true crime documentary released Friday. (Jensen had already seen the episode once; the others watched for the first time.) To set up a Netflix Party, it’s pretty easy, especially if

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