CLOSE USA TODAY Sports’ Mackenzie Salmon breaks down how NBA players using their voices to make an impact. USA TODAYMark Cuban For President was trending on Twitter Tuesday afternoon.In a series of tweets, the owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks blasted Democratic and Republican leadership for not getting a coronavirus (COVID-19) stimulus bill passed.He used NSFW language, imploring senators to “Do your (expletive) job.”He was angry. He wants relief – and now – for working folks and small-business owners in difficult, if not, desperate financial situations.Cuban seeks a plan that ensures workers of small- and medium-sized businesses and independent contractors will get “the comfort that they will continue to have a job and get paid,” he told USA TODAY Sports in an email interview.I asked Cuban what is motivating him during this time. His answers were honest, earnest, reflective and hopeful.“It’s the right thing to do,” Cuban wrote. “Healthcare workers are putting their lives on the line to help if not save us, how can we not help?”Cuban is outspoken and loud, sometimes to his detriment, having been fined nearly $3 million by the NBA.Right now, Cuban is outspoken and loud, to the benefit of many on the receiving end of his

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