Dan Wolken, USA TODAY Published 1:56 p.m. ET March 31, 2020 | Updated 1:59 p.m. ET March 31, 2020CLOSE SportsPulse: David Krichavsky, Senior VP of Youth Basketball Development for the NBA, explains a recent initiative aimed at keeping kids active and fit despite being home during the coronavirus outbreak. USA TODAYIt sounds so simple in the abstract, at least according to the “Bubble Boys.” That’s what we’re going to call these folks, the commentators who are agitating for the NBA to return in the next few months by creating a coronavirus-free environment where players would live and train and play games and not much else.Maybe you could hold them in one of those Las Vegas casinos currently empty amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps the Bahamas would work. What about Greenland? It doesn’t matter, according to the Bubble Boys. Just make sure we have hotel rooms, basketballs, TV cameras and coronavirus tests. That’ll make it all OK.Yeah, right. Do these folks listen to themselves?Beyond a dehumanizing mess of a scenario that more closely resembles an episode of the futuristic TV series “Black Mirror” than reality, having NBA teams blockaded inside a hotel property for weeks or months on end with no connection to

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