CLOSE SportsPulse: The NCAA tournaments have been postponed and, as Dan Wolken states, it was a decision that had to be made. USA TODAYINDIANAPOLIS — Mark Emmert is sitting in the NCAA offices, and he’s laughing. He’s laughing loudly, and what this sounds like, what it feels like, is a release. It feels like weeks of tension and anxiety and scrutiny — like weeks of misery — coming out in barking laughter as he takes aim at himself, at me, at critics, at everyone and every damn thing as it relates to COVID-19 shutting down the 2020 NCAA basketball tournaments.Because at one point in our 15-minute conversation, after listening to him go through the process that started with the coronavirus washing onto our shores in late January and ended with the cancellation of the 2020 NCAA tournament on March 12 — when it became obvious that the NCAA’s president and board of governors didn’t know everything they needed to know before canceling March Madness — I said these words to him:You mean, you didn’t have all the answers before canceling the NCAA tournament?Here’s where Emmert starts laughing. Is it a bitter laugh? No, don’t think so. He knows what I was getting at.“No,” he

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