CLOSE SportsPulse: From Joe Montana and Emmitt Smith to Chase Young and Justin Jefferson no can seem to recall or remember Tom Brady’s first Super Bowl. Now granted, it was 19 years ago and most current NFL stars were literally babies. USA TODAYTAMPA, Fla. — It will forever be remembered as the COVID-19 Super Bowl.That’s 19. Not XIX. The coronavirus, which has claimed the lives of more than 400,000 Americans, has no respect for Super Bowl tradition wrapped in Roman numerals. Of course, it’s so different as we all knew it would be. It doesn’t take my perspective of covering 32 Super Bowls — or Tom Brady’s existence as a baller in 10 of these — to make that assessment.This experience stands alone. And always will.Just think of the circus that always kicks off Super Bowl week. Media Day. That’s when the zany characters come out of the woodworks. There was the “reporter” who wore a wedding dress and asked Brady to marry her. A guy dressed in a Superhero outfit. Another dressed as Mozart. Actor Kel Mitchell in his fast-food uniform from the 1990s comedy “Good Burger” trying to hand Matt Ryan a hamburger. Guillermo from “Jimmy Kimmel Live” asking Bill Belichick for a hug. And Downtown Julie Brown.As a serious journalist, the oddball questions and the spectacle

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