CLOSE SportsPulse: USA TODAY Sports’ Nancy Armour breaks down why the 2020 Olympics could be postponed. USA TODAYOh, for the blissful ignorance and hubris of Olympic leaders, both internationally and here at home.Never mind those trucks hauling away coffins in Italy. Ignore the ghost town in once-bustling Times Square. Look past the locked doors of gyms and athletic facilities across the country. Tune out the dire warnings and predictions of epidemiologists and public health experts.There are still four months until the Opening Ceremony for the Tokyo Olympics. Things could change! The novel coronavirus, which skyrocketed from 100,000 known cases to 250,000-plus in the last two weeks, might magically disappear! Unicorns carrying a vaccine, drugs to treat COVID-19 and enough face masks and protective gear for medical professionals around the world could appear!Wake up, people.The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee leadership held a teleconference Friday morning and parroted the party line of the International Olympic Committee. While counterparts in Italy, Spain, Ireland and even Japan have urged the IOC to postpone the Tokyo Games, board chair Susanne Lyons and CEO Sarah Hirshland are choosing instead to bury their heads in the sand and cross their fingers.“We have expressed (to the IOC)

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