CLOSE In a time where people are financially unstable, it’s no surprise that the scammers are out in full force. Buzz60Is it safe to answer the phone? Short answer: No. It’s probably a robocall spammer.Sometimes, they claim Social Security Administration or the Internal Revenue Service is on the line. (They aren’t; neither service will ever threaten you or demand immediate payment on the phone.) Or they call saying your car’s warranty is expiring and that your credit card interest rate could be lowered.Three out of 4 Americans said they were targeted by phone scammers over the last year, finds a survey done for Hiya, which provides cloud-based phone call performance management services for companies including AT&T and Samsung.The bombardment of robocalls, many of which come from scammers seeking to bilk you out of money, has led many to simply not answer their phone when the caller is unknown.And for good reason. On average, those who fall for scam calls lose $182, with some losing more than $500, according to the survey of more than 2,000 consumers and 300 business professionals conducted Dec. 23-29, 2020, for Hiya by market research firm Censuswide.Apple Maps: App includes accident, speed trap reporting in iOS 14.5 updateTrue or false: You should

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