CLOSE As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, we tell the story of one sector of the work force that is trying to get by in the down economy. USA TODAYState and municipal employees could be among the workers who lose their jobs in the next wave of layoffs as tax revenues that pay their salaries plunge during the coronavirus pandemic.Sales and income taxes, two of the most critical revenue streams for states and some cities, are expected to plummet as shoppers are confined to their homes, tourists postpone travel, and businesses ranging from restaurants to retail shut down and cut jobs.Now, cash-strapped governments are starting to pare their payrolls, joining the growing list of employers looking for ways to make ends meet.“There were significant layoffs and furloughs of state and local employees during the Great Recession and that is likely … in this economic crisis as well,” says Jared Walczak, director of state tax policy for the Tax Foundation. He notes some federal aid is available and that projects can probably be delayed to increase available funds for the short term. “But neither of these is likely to fully close that gap.’’The city of Dayton, Ohio, has already furloughed nearly a quarter of its municipal workforce and

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