CLOSEEditor’s Note: This is a preview of USA TODAY’s newsletter Staying Apart, Together, a guide to help us all cope with a world changed by coronavirus. If you would like it in your inbox on Tuesdays and Saturdays, subscribe here. Another Tuesday comes around again. How is everyone doing? There’s been a lot of activity as we’ve entered September: Schools scrambled to restart amid the pandemic, Labor Day came and went, the anniversary of 9/11 did too, and we entered (gulp) our sixth month since life irrevocably changed. When there is a flurry of activity, even when it’s stressful, there can be some distraction and maybe even relief in being busy and useful. Even as we get to a new phase of “new normal,” it’s still important as to take care of ourselves. We can still take walks even when it gets chilly. We can get up from our desks every 30 minutes. We can indulge in a movie marathon or some fall baking (apple pie, anyone?) or a day off from work when we really need it. When October hits, the mad dash to the holidays will begin (and it will be more fraught than ever this year). So remember to slow down, take your time, and

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