CLOSE Coronavirus Chronicles: Being an ICU nurse and a single mom means navigating a strained relationship with her ex, and considering going back to work. USA TODAYINDIANAPOLIS – The Lemmons started preparing in early April.April cut her husband Adam’s hair. He took off his wedding ring and cut his fingernails down, both to decrease his chance of infection and make handwashing more successful as he worked as an anesthesiologist with Indiana University Health.On April 3, Adam Lemmon learned his job was shifting. Two days later, he would start working solely with COVID-19 positive patients. That night he came home. Not to his family. To an RV.The next night and the next night, he did the same. For 13 nights, he stayed in that RV. ‘I needed to protect my family from me’The idea was born on the long walks he and his wife would take through their McCordsville neighborhood, filled with sobering talks. Finances, living wills, end of life preferences, their four young children, not being able to be bedside holding hands should one of them get sick.And the inevitable: the day Lemmon would come into contact with a COVID-19 patient.”I needed to protect my family from me,” he said. “If there was going to be a

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