CLOSE We answer the often searched question: “What are the symptoms of coronavirus versus the flu?” USA TODAYLONDON – Keep calm and carry on, said Britain, the country with the least restrictive coronavirus measures in Europe (before sharply altering course Monday night amid a new “catastrophic” warning about how many people could die). Batten down the hatches, says China, the nation that is not far from declaring victory over the COVID-19 epidemic that swept its Hubei province. “Test, test, test,” says Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director-general of the World Health Organization. And the United States? Which countries should it look to for guidance about how to combat a disease that has infected more than 183,000 worldwide and killed over 7,100?The majority of global public health experts believe that countries need to act quickly and decisively to reduce what Robbert Muggah, a leading Brazil-based risk and security specialist, said “represents the most significant threat to population health and political and economic stability in a generation.” These measures include easy and efficient access to testing and results, rigorous contact tracing, consistent science-based messaging, quarantines and a genuine commitment to clamping down on socializing.  “If you have a fire on your hands, we all know you have to stamp

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