Which new vehicles and technologies will survive as automakers plot post-COVID-19 recovery plans?Will exciting electric vehicles like the Mustang Mach-E, GMC Hummer SUV and Cadillac Lyriq make the cut?Will job losses and corporate carnage shock buyers into frugality and a new wave of small cars? What about the new Ford F-150 pickup expected this fall?Gallery: These rugged rides are built to withstand ArmageddonMoving online: Coronavirus has dealerships moving to online salesMazda turns 100: Automaker commemorates centennial with 8 car refreshesThose and more questions are being decided as auto executives around the world count the cost of COVID-19 and decide what vehicles and technologies their companies need to recover from months of disrupted production and the recession that may follow.Future vehicles can be divided into three categories:Those so close to production it would cost more to delay them than continue as planned.Others are “mission-critical,” too important to the company’s image or balance sheet to delay.Everything else is in the product plan is negotiable when times get tough.Industry veterans still talk wistfully about vehicles that didn’t survive post-Great Recession planning when automakers focused on bread and butter models. Nobody will ever know how many roadsters, luxury sedans, even low-slung sporty pickups were erased from corporate

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