This Halloween, there’s one more monster lurking: the coronavirus.Monday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention unveiled its guidelines for celebrating safely on Oct. 31. The health organization advised against traditional trick-or-treating this year and suggested lower-risk activities such as Halloween-themed scavenger hunts at home or placing prefilled treat bags at the end of your driveway for kids to pick up. Sandra Kesh, an infectious disease physician at Westmed Medical Group in Purchase, New York, says it’s possible to safely trick-or-treat this year. She advises limiting trick-or-treating to three or four kids.If heading out in groups, families should ask each other if  they’ve been taking precautions and wearing masks. Parents can wipe down candy or let it sit for a couple of days if they are worried about surface transmission of the virus.If COVID-19 is not well-controlled in your area, you should refrain from going out, Kesh says. Health departments and government websites typically offer public tracking of coronavirus infections, or you can ask your physician. Enclosed spaces, such as apartment buildings, should be avoided, she says. Keep things outdoors. Kesh advises having “a very serious conversation with your kids that if you are going to take them trick-or-treating, the rules have to be followed and respected. Otherwise, the game is over.” She recommends an adult chaperone even for older

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