Nathan Bomey, USA TODAY Published 8:01 a.m. ET Aug. 17, 2020 | Updated 2:46 p.m. ET Aug. 17, 2020CLOSE Approving a vaccine in the U.S. usually takes years, but COVID-19 vaccines are moving through in record time. What does that mean? USA TODAYWalgreens and CVS pharmacists plan to check patient temperatures and wear face shields for the first time when delivering flu vaccines.The nation’s two largest drugstore chains are now offering the seasonal influenza vaccine with new precautionary measures.The rollout comes amid swirling concerns about the collision of the COVID-19 pandemic with the flu season, which is expected to strain the health care system.”Prior to administration of an immunization, pharmacy team members will take patients’ temperature and screen for the presence of symptoms or illness. Immunizations will be deferred if a patient has a fever or other symptoms associated with illness until after symptoms are resolved,” Walgreens said in a statement.COVID-19 and the flu shot: Amid the pandemic, it is more important than everPandemic takes a toll: These 6 national restaurant chains are in the deepest troubleHealth risk: FDA warns consumers about more dangerous hand sanitizersCVS will also conduct temperature checks, ask about COVID-19 symptoms and require pharmacists to wear face shields when giving

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