CLOSE USA TODAY answers a question you may be wondering: Is coronavirus worse than the flu? USA TODAYNot dwelling on the gruesome losses on Wall Street. Not looking at your 401(k) every other minute.The old adages have grown much harder to follow in March as we’ve watched the Dow plunge by more than 30% from the records set just a month ago.The pocketbook realities of COVID-19 have hit us everywhere from our workplaces to our 401(k) plans. One reader in West Bloomfield, Michigan, emailed me confidentially: “I’m not selling, buying or checking my account. Not much I can do to change what happens now.” We’re looking at loss all around us. Loss of savings. Loss of jobs. Loss of lives.So, maybe, not looking at your 401(k) could be the best personal care move that you can make as we adjust to the drastically altered new normal.  Plan to save that stimulus check?: You might want to investCoronavirus debate: What is essential and non-essential during a pandemic?Small business owner: ‘No time to be selfish’Jane McNamara closed the doors on her Jazzercise studio in Royal Oak, Michigan, temporarily at noon Monday. The emotion of the moment led her to snap a photo of herself at the door with the bright

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