CLOSE Your home wireless network is more vital than ever with family members in the house working and going to school online during the COVID-19 pandemic. USA TODAYThe coronavirus pandemic has many students across the U.S. beginning the school year learning from home – possibly leading to crunch time for your home wireless network because lots of parents continue to make it their office.Even if you’re fortunate to have enough devices – smartphones, tablets or laptops – to go around, everyone accessing the internet at the same time could put some serious strain on your Wi-Fi.Just as mom or dad don’t want stuttering video during Zoom conference calls with clients and co-workers, students need to ensure they’ve got fast wireless connections for studying online.And let’s face it, we rely on fast connectivity for fun, too, such as bingeing a TV show on Netflix or playing an online round of the video game Fall Guys with 59 other gamers.Work from home: No cubicles? No problem. How to bond with your team when you work together, apartZoom: 10 cool app plug-ins to enhance your video meeting experienceFortunately, you have a few methods of improving the speed, range and overall performance of your home network, with several easy-to-follow suggestions

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