Jesse Hagopian is an award-winning teacher at Seattle’s Garfield High School, where he is an adviser to the Black Student Union. With Seattle’s schools closed — along with thousands of others nationwide during the coronavirus pandemic — Hagopian has started a diary about his experiences trying to teach his own children at home while offering help to students and parents. I will publish some of his entries here on The Answer Sheet in the days ahead.Hagopian’s diary will reflect the extraordinary position that Americans find themselves in during the pandemic. Public life is largely halting in many parts of the country; President Trump recommended that people gather in groups of no more than 10; businesses and schools are closing; and major sporting and other events have been postponed or canceled.Most states have ordered all schools closed, and districts in other states have closed, as well, affecting the education of tens of millions of students, in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus.This is an edited version of the first entry in Hagopian’s diary.By Jesse HagopianI was sitting at my desk on Wednesday, March 11, between classes at school when an email appeared from Seattle Public Schools. I was

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