First come the facts. In a series of days, there are no cases, then 30,000 cases, then nearly 45,000 cases in New York state. “That’s a problem,” he says. They are running out of beds and ventilators. He doesn’t shy away from that. “That’s a challenge.” He pauses.“Take a breath,” he says, and when he starts to talk again it is the revival portion of the meeting. There are moving stories about New York, his mother, his father and all of humanity. The density of the state — its “closeness,” he says — is its vulnerability in this moment. But it is also what will get it through. He is talking to New York but the whole country is listening to the Cuomo Monologues: part briefing, part sermon, part inspirational talk.By the end, viewers at home are getting choked up, and people in California and Colorado are texting about him. They’ll tune in later to watch as he and his younger brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, rib one another about who mom loves more amid the coverage of impending doom.The comedian Chelsea Handler is attracted to him. Even women who used to despise him find him irresistible. His enemies give

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