SYDNEY — A country that cherishes disrespect for authority has shown remarkable enthusiasm for a government tool designed to stop the novel coronavirus spreading by monitoring millions of Australians through their cellphones.On Sunday, the Australian government launched the COVIDSafe cellphone application. Using Bluetooth sensors, the program is designed to track who an infected person comes into contact with so other potential carriers can be identified and isolated.Health officials said they had hoped 1 million people would download the app in the first five days.It took 24 hours.Within three days, 2.8 million out of the population of 25 million had signed up, driving the app past TikTok and Facebook Messenger on app download rankings.Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that wasn’t enough, and used an analogy to Australians’ love of the outdoors to push for 40 percent of the population to sign up, the level government officials say is needed for the app to be effective.“If you want to go outside when the sun is shining, you have got to put sunscreen on,” Morrison told reporters Wednesday. “This is the same thing. This is the ticket to ensuring that we can have eased restrictions.”Other countries have tried similar apps, although none appear

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