WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — As Washington Nationals Manager Dave Martinez approached, he said: “No hand shaking. This is the new thing with our players. Put out your foot.” We bumped toes, the lowest possible low-five.“Corona, corona!” General Manager Mike Rizzo said, as a friendly early-morning greeting but also as a no-handshake reminder. The Nats have hand sanitizers and hand-washing stations all around Ballpark of the Palm Beaches. They feel like they are doing what can be done. “We’re being proactive.”Everyone in sports, of course, is intensely aware of the coronavirus. And everyone is trying to be sensible. Which may be a huge mistake. Faced with a virus with such asymmetric outcomes, a “balanced” response ignores the enormous difference in how our world may look in a few weeks.Neither the Nats, nor any MLB team, has decided to play its spring training games in empty parks as, in my opinion, they should — immediately.On Wednesday, the Houston Astros and Nats had an exhibition season “rematch” of the World Series. They drew close to a full house, announced at 5,624, everybody shoulder-to-shoulder. I have never enjoyed watching a cheering crowd at a ballgame so little.I’m alone on this. But I doubt

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