Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has found a new pot of cash with which to pursue her school “choice” agenda: money from the $2 trillion coronavirus relief package Congress passed to boost the economy as it deals with the pandemic.DeVos, who has made it her top priority as education secretary to find alternatives to traditional public school districts, announced this week that she is starting a competition for states to apply for “rethinking” education grants.“The current disruption to the normal model is reaffirming something I have said for years: we must rethink education to better match the realities of the 21st century,” she said in the announcement. “This is the time for local education leaders to unleash their creativity and ingenuity, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they do to provide education freedom and economic opportunity for America’s students.” The Michigan billionaire has in the past been clear about her views of traditional public schools, referring to them as “a monopoly” and a “dead end.” She has advocated for decades for the expansion of charter schools — which are publicly funded but privately operated — as well as for voucher and similar programs that use taxpayer money for private and

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