Former vice president Joe Biden is in an awkward spot. He is the presumptive but not the actual Democratic presidential nominee. (Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders refuses to get out of the race, reportedly over the objections of his own campaign manager!) If Biden wins the presidency, he still will not take office until January, which seems like an eternity. Add on the complication that he cannot go out to conduct normal campaign events during the pandemic, and you have a frustrating and wholly unique predicament.Biden has decided to substitute those events with frequent appearances on media, both traditional and social. He did so on Sunday, first with an interview on ABC News’s “This Week” and then during a video town hall. Remarkably, the public really can get a sense of Biden’s character and strengths in a number of respects. More important, the public can get a reminder how deficient President Trump is when it comes to the basic elements of presidential leadership.First, Biden, unlike Trump, understands that a president must model good behavior. In his ABC interview, he said he would be willing to wear a mask in public, something Trump announced he would not do, undercutting the recommendation of

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