LONDON — Prime Minister Boris Johnson, struggling to breathe and taking supplemental oxygen, spent his first night in an intensive care unit, as Britain reeled Tuesday under a pandemic that has taken its popular, jocular leader from 10 Downing Street to a bed reserved for the very sickest.The cabinet office minister, Michael Gove, told radio audiences Tuesday morning that Johnson was not on a mechanical ventilator but had received “oxygen support.”The prime minister’s official spokesman said Johnson was “stable overnight,” was receiving “standard oxygen treatment” and “breathing without any other assistance.” He confirmed that as of midday Tuesday, Johnson did not suffer from pneumonia.The lungs of covid-19 sufferers can be deeply infected by the virus, which inflames the airways and makes it difficult to breathe and get enough oxygen. Some patients go on to develop pneumonia, which can lead to acute respiratory distress syndrome, an often fatal outcome.The government “will ensure the country is updated” on Johnson’s condition, Gove said, as broadcasters aired helicopter footage of St. Thomas’ Hospital where Johnson is being treated.Later, Gove said he will now isolate himself at home for 14 days after a family member began to display mild symptoms of coronavirus infection.Before Johnson was

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