LONDON — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson returned to work to find his government under mounting pressure to explain why front-line workers for the National Health Service were donning garbage bags and makeshift masks to protect themselves against the coronavirus during the pandemic.A BBC “Panorama” special investigation that aired Monday charged that the government had failed to include crucial personal protective equipment, including gowns and face shields, in its pandemic stockpile. The show — titled “Has the government failed the NHS?” — focused on the lack of preparedness that has left health-care workers vulnerable to coronavirus exposure.The government says 82 health-care workers and 16 nursing home and social-care workers have died of covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. One website run by nurses says at least 140 have died.Health secretary Matt Hancock was grilled Tuesday about the government’s failure on personal protective equipment (PPE). During an interview with Hancock on LBC radio, the son of a doctor called in.Intisar Chowdhury, 18, wanted to know whether Hancock personally regretted not taking seriously enough warnings by Chowdhury’s father about the PPE shortages.His father, Abdul Mabud Chowdhury, a doctor who worked at a hospital in east London, died of covid-19. Days

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