On March 7, D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) announced the first known coronavirus case in the nation’s capital. As of April 6 — one month after the first diagnosis — the city had more than 1,200 cases and more than 20 fatalities.With more infections reported each day, the District is one of many urban centers bracing for the possibility of becoming the next covid-19 hot spot. Over the past week, the city has been reporting about 100 cases every day, with a spike of more than 200 cases Wednesday alone.30 days after first covid-19 diagnosis, D.C. had more than 1,000 known casesBy April 6, the District had 318 recoveries, 874 active cases, and 23 deaths. 1,200 known cases April 6 1,215 total known cases Total known cases March 23 D.C. begins releasing recovery data March 7 First covid-19 diagnosis in D.C. March 7 April 6 March 20 First covid-19 death in D.C. Note: D.C. initially reported new cases, recoveries, and deaths on the day they occurred. On April 1, D.C. began reporting changes the day after they occurred. The data on this page reflects the dates of diagnoses, recoveries, and deaths, rather than the day they were announced. April

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