President Trump declared the virus a national emergency Friday, which can be helpful for marshaling resources, and Congress reached a deal on a broad relief package. Governors in Pennsylvania and Virginia closed schools, bringing the total to 12 states and the District. Iconic events including the Masters golf tournament and the Boston Marathon were canceled. A rash of panic buying emptied shelves nationwide as people hoarded frozen food, toilet paper, bottled water and cleaning products for what some expect could be lengthy isolation within homes from coast to coast.There are now more than 2,100 confirmed cases of covid-19, the disease caused by the virus, across the country, with reports in nearly every state. Forty-eight deaths in the United States have been linked to the virus, 25 of them in the Life Care Center of Kirkland nursing home in suburban Seattle, including three announced Friday. Health officials in Kansas said Friday that an elderly man who died this week of coronavirus was a resident of the Life Care Centers of America facility in Kansas City, Kan.The national strategy for battling the coronavirus has shifted dramatically in the past 48 hours: It was a public health crisis for weeks, a societal disruption

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