Bureaucratic missteps have led to a shortfall in tests needed to determine the true scope of the virus. Hospitals are pleading for more medical equipment as doctors resort to using homemade masks. Financial markets have lost a third of their value in less than a month. Reveling spring breakers have hit the beaches in defiance of a nationwide social distancing campaign.At the helm of it all is a president who rose to power with a divisive brand of politics, a reliance on his gut instinct and a claim that the United States was no longer winning on the global stage. He now faces the greatest test of his presidency — a viral outbreak that requires bipartisan cooperation, verbal precision and a reliance on bureaucratic expertise.The president continued to lash out at his perceived political enemies Saturday during a briefing that was ostensibly organized to give Americans information about the government’s efforts to combat the pandemic, seeming to continue to view the public health emergency through the prism of his media coverage.“They write inaccurately about me every single day, every single hour,” he said. “. . . It’s so insulting when they write phony stories.”Throughout U.S. history, there have been moments that have

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