DUBROVNIK, Croatia — Just outside the majestic walls of Croatia’s medieval citadel city of Dubrovnik lies a cluster of small stone houses, the Lazarettos of Dubrovnik, best known as an art and clubbing hub and a tourist attraction.But as the coronavirus spreads across the globe, many are being reminded of their original purpose centuries ago as an isolation zone for arrivals to port city who might be carrying infectious diseases.“We gave the Lazareti complex over to the artists for cultural manifestations,” said Ana Bakija-Konsuo, a physician and one of the authors of a book about the compound, using the local term for the complex.“It is interesting that we wrote that infectious diseases no longer pose a threat,” she said. “Life has proven us wrong, like many times before.”Normally packed with tourists all year long, the streets of Dubrovnik are now deserted and its otherwise bustling airport has been shut down. Throughout Croatia, restrictive measures have been introduced to try to limit the sway of the new coronavirus.Worldwide efforts to stop the COVID-19 infections have prompted countries to close down borders and introduce quarantine for for people coming from affected areas and later isolation for whole populations.Several cases have been recorded

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