In Kentucky, 24 people who tested positive for the novel coronavirus have voluntarily cooperated with orders to self-quarantine to prevent the spread of the disease to others.But one 53-year-old man in Nelson County refused to follow medical advice. He recently checked himself out of a University of Louisville hospital against his doctors’ advice and told the local health department he would not comply with an order to isolate himself from others.On Saturday, the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office posted armed deputies outside the man’s house over the weekend to enforce the quarantine.“It’s a step I hoped I’d never have to take, but we can’t allow one person who we know has the virus to refuse to protect their neighbors,” Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear (D), who worked with the sheriff’s office and a judge to order a forced quarantine, told the Lexington Herald-Leader.Although the Louisville Courier-Journal reported that the infected man, who has not been identified, later agreed to stay in his home, Nelson County Sheriff Ramon Pineiroa said Monday he would keep officers stationed at his house in case he changed his mind. The man is one of 25 Kentucky residents to test positive for coronavirus, according to the latest numbers

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