Michael Doyle was “horrified” upon receiving his iPhone’s weekly screen time report.The Toronto-based freelance journalist was already a self-described “heavy phone user.” It comes with the gig. But seeing that his phone usage shot up 33 percent during his first week in quarantine to more than four hours each day made him take stock of what exactly he was doing.iPhone users are all too familiar with the report, delivered unprompted and certainly uninvited as an alert each and every week by default. The small dispatch, served up out of the ether with what feels like a judgmental wink, imparts a few pieces of data: the average time you spent on the phone last week (Do you do anything else? it seems to suggest), the percentage that time increased or decreased (You just keep getting worse!) and whether you spent it on “social networking,” “productivity” or “reading & reference” (Do you really need to be on Facebook that often?).For Doyle, the rise was in “social networking.”“I find myself being lost in the Twitter vortex for longer periods of times,” he said. He uses the platform as “a news source but also as an avenue to socialize, to connect with other people.

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