It’s been a week since President Trump publicly reversed months of insistence that the virus would peter out to advocate for broad distancing measures. It was a positive, important step that offered a chance to limit the number of both direct and indirect deaths, a step that Trump himself admitted was probably the best path to righting the stumbling economy.“The best thing I can do for the stock market is we have to get through this crisis,” he said then. “That’s what I can do.”That resolve didn’t last long. During Monday’s briefing, Trump repeatedly made clear that he was eager for the distancing measures — and, by extension, the business closures and economic fallout — to end as soon as possible. He’d originally proposed a 15-day period of distancing that was the start of a months-long fight against the virus. On Monday, he suggested that the United States might be ready to return to near-normal in a matter of days.Repeatedly, he was pressed on the obvious question such a plan raises: Isn’t he then risking American lives?“We have two very, very powerful alternatives that we have to take into consideration,” Trump said, later articulating them: “Life is fragile, and economies

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