A few strong, long-track tornadoes could occur if conditions are right The Storm Prediction Center has issued a moderate (Level 4 out of 5) risk of severe weather for Sunday. (NOAA/SPC) A severe weather outbreak is expected for much of the South this Easter weekend, with damaging winds and the possibility of a few strong, long-track tornadoes as a potent storm system marches across the nation. More than 80 million people could be affected in an area that stretches from Texas to the Gulf Coast and northward to the Mid-Atlantic as waves of severe thunderstorms race east. Others in the Tennessee Valley and Appalachians are in jeopardy of dealing with flash flooding, with heavy rains expected to drench areas that have already seen a soggy start to the year. Easter Sunday will feature the most dangerous weather for parts of the South — including Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama — with the threat of strong, long-track tornadoes where conditions line up just right. The Storm Prediction Center has placed this region under a moderate risk of severe weather, a Level 4 out of 5 on its scale. In addition to the tornado threat, a powerful squall line could bring widespread

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