SAN FRANCISCO — Elon Musk promised to ship more than 1,000 ventilators to hospitals around the country last month — and pledged that Tesla would start pumping out its own version of the devices as soon as possible.Many of the machines he sent were continuous or bi-level positive airway pressure machines, noninvasive devices used for patients with sleep apnea who have trouble getting air in their lungs, according to some of the hospitals that received them. They can aid in coronavirus treatment but typically don’t work for the sickest patients unless they are converted into more advanced machines.Although hospital executives said they were grateful for the mechanical reinforcements bought by Tesla, the shipments continued a pattern by Musk of brash proclamations on Twitter with mixed results on follow-through. Since the coronavirus started to spread, he has peddled the drug chloroquine before clinical tests and questioned the ongoing need for shelter-in-place orders — while touting his own relief efforts. One coronavirus-related YouTube video he tweeted was removed because it violated the company’s guidelines.On Tuesday, he posted articles alternately saying “bravo” to Texas for reopening. He said in another tweet, “Give people their freedom back!” and wrote in a subsequent post “FREE

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