EL PASO — Some believe clues to the future can be found by studying the lines on your palm, but Miss Eva wasn’t about to tempt fate.Outside her small studio on a busy stretch of road not far from the U.S.-Mexico border, where her business was marked by a giant sign featuring an outstretched hand, the fortune teller shook her head when asked if she was doing palm readings.In broken English, she explained she was scared of catching “the virus,” as she called covid-19, the deadly fast-spreading disease that has upended the lives of tens of millions of Americans across the nation with no end in sight.A public library shuttered indefinitely amid coronavirus in El Paso, Texas. (Holly Bailey/The Washington Post) Martha’s Cafe in downtown El Paso, Texas, was one of many restaurants in the area closed because of the coronavirus. (Holly Bailey/The Washington Post) Like many businesses that have scrambled to find ways of staying open in this rapidly changing environment, she had come up with an alternative.“Cards?” she asked, referring to tarot, a fortune that could be told from a comfortable distance.In El Paso, there have been nine confirmed cases of coronavirus, and local officials warn many more

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