If there’s one thing people agree on, even as they debate the government’s coronavirus response, it is this: We can’t do this forever.The nationwide shutdowns, the home quarantines, hospital shortages, layoffs, deaths and infections. All seemingly without end. So what exactly is our next step?Concerned about the nation’s halting, uncoordinated response — which has featured a patchwork of state-by-state, competing and at times contradictory decisions — health experts are rushing to offer their own long-term strategies to combat the virus and edge America closer back to normal.Their proposals come as the White House’s current 15-day guidelines on social distancing are set to expire early this week, with President Trump suggesting he might loosen them soon to help the economy. What he decides could have sweeping effects on his presidency and the lives of millions across the country. His comments of late about reopening parts of the country by Easter, which is April 12, have worried outside experts it might raise infections and the U.S. death count.In response, epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists, as well as former top agency officials, have put out their own ideas — in preprint papers online, by Twitter and in op-eds. In a recent flurry of

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