President Trump on Wednesday night delivered a brief address to the nation, but his speech was filled with misleading and wrong information. Here is a sampling, in the order in which he made the statements.“We have been in frequent contact with our allies, and we are marshaling the full power of the federal government and the private sector to protect the American people.” During the speech, Trump announced a ban on flights from the Schengen Area, the European Union’s border-free travel zone, a 26-nation region that does not include Britain, Ireland or several other European countries. E.U. officials said they had received no heads-up about the pending announcement.“The Coronavirus is a global crisis, not limited to any continent and it requires cooperation rather than unilateral action,” read a statement co-signed by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and European Council President Charles Michel. “The European Union disapproves of the fact that the U.S. decision to impose a travel ban was taken unilaterally and without consultation.” “This is the most aggressive and comprehensive effort to confront a foreign virus in modern history.” Beyond the unverifiable claim about his administration’s efforts, there is no such thing as a “foreign virus.” Viruses

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