Medical associations and unions pushed back Friday against new federal guidelines for conserving and reusing masks, saying they will leave them unprotected against a dangerous infection carried by waves of patients already at their doors.“Needless to say this is frightening for our staff,” Katie Oppenheim, chair of the union for University of Michigan nurses, said on a conference call with reporters.Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, which represents 112,000 health professionals, described the delays in procuring additional equipment — when officials knew from the experience of other countries this would be a problem — as unethical.“If I sound angry,” she said, “I am.”President Trump has announced steps in recent days to address the nation’s dwindling supplies of protective equipment for health-care workers — authorizing the release of emergency stockpiles, and working with manufacturers to ramp up production in a wartime-like effort. But health-care workers on the front lines are voicing frustration — and panic — that such help may arrive too late. If they can’t stay healthy, they say, the whole system will fall apart.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention earlier this week loosened its minimum requirements for how personal protective equipment should be used in

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