“I discussed it with the president after he talked about it,” Giuliani said in an interview. “I told him what I had on the drugs.”Giuliani’s advice to Trump echoes comments the former New York mayor has made on his popular Twitter feed and a podcast that he records in a radio studio installed at his New York City apartment, where he has repeatedly pushed the drug combination, as well as a stem cell therapy that involves the extraction of what Giuliani termed “placenta ‘killer cells.’ ”He is part of a chorus of prominent pro-Trump voices who at first downplayed the severity of the virus and then embraced possible cures — worrying health experts who fear such comments undermine efforts to slow the virus’s spread and downplay the risks of the unproven treatments.Giuliani’s comments have helped him regain a bit of the prominence he had during Trump’s impeachment — last week, he was back in the spotlight when Twitter briefly locked his account for promoting misinformation about covid-19.“​He’s been out of the news and out of the limelight since the end of the impeachment drama,” said Andrew Kirtzman, a Giuliani biographer who is writing his second book about the former New York

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