The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention added six symptoms of the novel coronavirus to its list, suggesting health experts are learning more about the growing number of ways physicians see the virus affecting patients.The symptoms, which the CDC reports could appear two to 14 days after exposure to the virus, are:ChillsRepeated shaking with chillsMuscle painHeadacheSore throatNew loss of taste or smellPreviously, the CDC listed just three known symptoms: shortness of breath, cough and fever.The additions confirm what patients and doctors have been reporting anecdotally for weeks. In particular, the loss of taste or smell has been known to appear in patients since at least mid-March when a British group of ear, nose and throat doctors published a statement amid growing concern that it could be an early sign someone is infected but otherwise asymptomatic.A study of European covid-19 patients found between 85.6 percent and 88 percent of patients “reported olfactory and gustatory dysfunctions, respectively.” In an Iranian study, 76 percent of covid-19 patients who reported a loss of smell said it had a sudden onset. In many of the cases, anosmia, as it’s called, appeared before other symptoms.“It scared the hell out of me,” said Vallery Lomas, a 34-year-old

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