We have become so accustomed to impulsive, irrational White House pronouncements that it is sometimes hard to remember how every modern administration up to President Trump has operated when a new problem comes along. Identify the problem. Craft reasonable plans. Put someone in charge to implement them. Third Way, a moderate Democratic group, has come up with a model for what a sane and prudent policy response to the covid-19 pandemic would look like.“CoronaCare for Everyone: A Comprehensive Plan to Rescue Health Care” starts from the premise that despite three massive pieces of legislation from Congress, there is still no comprehensive plan to respond to the crisis. “Congress took action that was essential for the public health and wellbeing of our country. But we still have a patchwork of protections,” the plan observes. The plan has four elements, items that any other administration would have put out long ago. Moreover, it is significant that Third Way appeals to Congress, not the White House. The group reached the reasonable conclusion — one shared by governors — that it is useless to rely on the executive branch to initiate action.The first part of Third Way’s plan centers on testing as a precondition

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