I would love to pet Pearl. She is 13 years old. Even as a puppy, she crossed her paws. Pearl loves food. She once ate an entire platter of jalapeño poppers and didn’t get sick. She loves the mail carriers who carry treats. Her favorite snacks are ham, carrots, and popcorn. pic.twitter.com/kQ3q4Pqj7s— I’ve Pet That Dog (@IvePetThatDog) March 15, 2020 For the past three years, 11-year-old Gideon Kidd has dedicated much of his free time to a charming hobby: petting dogs.He has petted more than 1,170 of them, and it’s made him fairly famous. On his Twitter account, I’ve Pet That Dog, Gideon posts photos of himself with each dog he meets and details about the animal’s life and likes. He has 367,000 followers.But Gideon stopped petting dogs last week. His Cedar Falls, Iowa, school closed because of the new coronavirus, and now he’s practicing social distancing — including from dogs. These days, he’s posting photos of himself holding photos of dogs his fans submit, noting in the captions that he’d “love to pet” them.“The experts and doctors have said, ‘Stay home, stay low, don’t go out that much,’” Gideon said by phone Tuesday. “So me and my mom decided

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