Epidemiologists and other leading scientists seeking to decipher test result patterns and slow the advance of the coronavirus are stumbling over the huge disparities among the ways states administer or report information.Some states are keeping negative tests secret while others aren’t. Some track state lab results, while ignoring test results from private companies. Some restrict the availability of tests, while others test widely.New York has detected 780 positive tests per million people, at a rate of one out of four tests administered. Ohio, on the other hand, lags with 30 positive results per million people, at a rate of three out of four testing positive, according to analysis of data from the Covid Tracking Project, a collaborative group that tracks testing numbers released by each state’s department of health. The figures run through March 22.Ohio’s ratio seems high because its website stopped reporting negative tests after March 15. So doctors can’t tell whether New York is the epicenter of the disease or whether places like Ohio are harboring similar numbers of carriers of the virus and simply haven’t done enough testing or haven’t disclosed enough to uncover them. No state in the country has reported fewer positive test results per

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