Would the closure stop the spread of the virus? Here’s what we know — and what to look out for.More of the same at the southern borderTrump has treated the coronavirus pandemic as a way to extend his broad anti-immigration platform, characterizing the disease as a “foreign virus.” This week, the State Department warned Americans not to travel abroad, and the White House first closed the border with Canada and then with Mexico for nonessential travel. Last week, Trump announced a 30-day ban on travel from most of Europe and soon added more countries to the banned list. These restrictions on otherwise legal travel — whether it be for work, leisure or another reason — use the same legal authority as the series of travel bans started in January 2017.Meanwhile, the United States has announced even stricter policies around stopping immigrants at the southern border, and it continues to detain asylum seekers. Private detention companies hold about 15,000 immigration detainees on any given day, including both recent arrivals and those present in the United States for decades.Yet while public agencies such as the New York City Board of Correction are calling for that city’s jail system to rapidly release detainees

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