As U.S. markets took a historic plunge Wednesday, President Trump met with a dozen banking industry leaders, several of whom said they are already taking steps to help people and businesses affected by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.“All of us are providing relief to any customer that has an issue of being out of work for the virus,” said Brian Moynihan, the chief executive of Bank of America. “We’re here to help small businesses, medium-sized businesses, the core American economy run, and to help our consumer clients really weather the storm in case they’re directly affected by this.” Wells Fargo is developing a program to help companies and their employees affected by the spread of the virus, including issues with “their fees, payments,” said the bank’s chief executive, Charles Scharf.JPMorgan Chase, the country’s largest bank, has lent $26 billion to consumers and small businesses over the past 40 days, said Gordon Smith, the bank’s chief operating officer. The bank will “waive fees for consumers and small businesses who are under stress,” he said.The meeting occurred as the Dow Jones industrial average fell 20 percent from its record highs, ending a record 11-year stock rally.“We’re having to fix a problem

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