NEW DELHI — A British citizen appeared at a public hospital in India’s capital with a cough, difficulty breathing and a private clinic’s referral for a coronavirus test. She was turned away.Indian authorities said Tuesday that they would not widely expand testing for the virus, as most affected nations are doing, despite mounting criticism from some experts that the limited tests could mask the true toll of the disease in the world’s second most populous country.The World Health Organization has urged countries to test as many people as possible to curb the pandemic, but India has taken a different approach, limiting testing to those who have traveled from affected countries or come in contact with a confirmed case and shown symptoms after two weeks of quarantine.On Tuesday, Indian authorities expanded the population eligible for testing to health care workers with symptoms who are treating patients with severe respiratory illnesses.But officials said the WHO guidance didn’t apply in India because the spread of the disease has been less severe than elsewhere. Balaram Bharghava, who heads the Indian Council of Medical Research, India’s top medical research body, said the guidance was “premature” for India, where community transmission hadn’t yet been detected.“Therefore it

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