JAKARTA, Indonesia — Her friends who worked in hospitals cried, and Indonesian businesswoman Maryati Dimursi listened: They did not have the protective gear they needed to treat patients suspected of having COVID-19. Some had resorted to wearing plastic raincoats.She listened, and then she acted.She asked her friends about what might be done — what kinds of protective clothing might do the job, what materials would be needed to make them.“One of them sent me the hazmat suit so I can make a prototype from it,” Dimursi said.Now, Dimursi has designed such a suit, and she aims to make hundreds of them and provide them to hospitals for free.She went door-to-door looking for partners in Depok, the West Java city where she runs her merchandising business near the capital. She found five who run home-based garment businesses, and they agreed to only charge for the cost of labor to make the suits.“It will help the tailors to continue their life, too,” Dimursi said.One of her partners, Tating, has three tailors who usually make Muslim clothing for sale online. He’s now postponing other orders to finish the hazmat suits first.“This is the least I can do as a person who is working

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