Sometimes, President Trump gets an obsession. Something works its way into his patter and sits there for weeks or months, seeping out into his tweets and into his speeches. It can be a tagline or an insult; it can be a story or number. If you’ve been paying even partial attention to American politics in the past five years, I don’t even have to mention any of them. You can rattle off a half-dozen without blinking.One of the recent entries into this canon is a drug called chloroquine. Trump has become convinced that the treatment for malaria also can offer substantial relief for covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, which has infected hundreds of thousands of Americans. Doctors and medical experts are broadly skeptical of the drug’s efficacy, but Trump has nonetheless hyped it repeatedly at news briefings and in interviews.His interviews have mostly been on Fox News, where Trump probably first saw coverage of the drug. This would not be the first time that Trump seized on something he’d seen on Fox and made it part of his standard verbiage, but this may be one of the most obvious instances. Closed-captioning data from the Internet Archive processed

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