ATLANTA — On the morning when the map of the worldwide coronavirus outbreak on the flat-screen monitors of Delta Air Lines’ command center reached 115,977 confirmed cases in 115 countries, nearly 200 managers gathered in person and by phone to provide real-time updates on how they were responding to the threat confronting their company from every direction. Face masks: A shipment of 500,000 was on its way, but delayed after part of the order was stolen off a supplier’s truck, supply chain manager Scott Boyd said the vendor told him. “By the end of the week Minneapolis will have more masks in their warehouse,” he said. “The truck was broken into, but they assured me 250,000 are still coming.” [Sign up for our Coronavirus Updates newsletter. All stories linked in the newsletter are free to access.] Hand sanitizer and wipes: “We’re trying to buy as much as we can, and I know the domestic needs are going to continue [to] ramp up, but if you can do anything to help us to forecast our needs on these, please forward that to me,” Boyd told the group. Flight changes: A charter plane in the Middle East would have to be quarantined

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