PARIS — France and Spain, two of the worst-hit countries in the coronavirus pandemic, were laying out separate roadmaps Tuesday for lifting their lockdowns, while signs emerged that the virus has been all but vanquished in New Zealand and Australia.But on the other side of the globe, Brazil was emerging as a new hotspot for infections. And new doubts were raised over whether Japan would be able to host the already postponed Summer Olympics next year without the development of a vaccine.The key question of when to reopen schools loomed around the world as nations seek to restart their battered economies.Although the coronavirus seems to affect children far less seriously than adults, many officials, teachers and parents are concerned about the health risks that school openings could pose. Some point to the difficulties of ensuring that children stick to social distancing and frequent hand washing, and to the health risks for teachers.But many parents would struggle to return to work without schools being open, hampering efforts to counter the world’s deep economic tailspin.In France, President Emmanuel Macron wants schools to start reopening May 11, but teachers, parents and some mayors are raising alarms. The government says parents can decide whether

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